Prahlad’s family have been farming for nine generations in the Bundelkhand region.


His father has grown wheat and mustard seed on 15 acres of land his whole life. 

In India, farmers have been devastated not only because of climate change, but they have been exploited by multinational corporations, driving them into tremendous debt, poisoning the land the with harmful chemicals.

Prahlad wants to help his country heal. He wants to restore agency to the farmers who have been committing suicide at a rate of 45 per day since 2010.

Prahlad’s dream is to turn his family farm into a model organic farm where he can serve the local community as well as educate farmers in the region and empower them to do the same.


PHASE 1: Cowshed Construction, Cows and First Crops ($15.000)

The work has started thanks to the loan Prahlad took that will have to be repaid. While the appraoch to phase one is more modest than originally planned, it was important to get it started as quickly as possible. 

Additional funds are needed urgently to expand and improve the first phase of construction. This will include purchase and transport of materials: sand, iron rods, cement, gravel, purchase of tools, paying specialized construction workers. Funds will also be used to acquire and transport three Gyr cows (a resilient breed with the highest quality dung to heal and fertilize the ground), and to purchase fruit trees and organic seeds.


Prahlad is 34 years old and the father of three.


He took the Teacher Training Program for Natural Farming by the Art of Living Foundation in 2018 and has already begun to set his plans in motion.

In 2014, Prahlad began planting fruit trees around his the farm, about 350 fruit trees, which are now well-rooted. But he is not stopping there, he plans to plant 2000 trees in total, about 200 in each monsoon period.

In early 2019, he took a loan and began the first phase of construction, working along side of specialized local workers to make bricks and begin building the cowshed.


Organic farms yield more abundant and diverse crops that can be grown throughout the year.


The fields are resilient and therefore one harsh storm or dry season will not wipe out the crops for the year.


Additionally Prahlad has a vision make Matrabhoomi a place to cultivate personal growth and resilience through teaching yoga and meditation practices.


His farm is located near three incredible tourist destinations: Panna National Park, The Raneh Falls, and the famous temples of Khajuraho.

La mission de Pralahd (en français)


1. Model organic farm

       - construction of bricks on site (feb-may 2019)

       - manufacture of the building for cows (June-Sept 2019)

       - first plantations (Oct 2019)

2. Training center in organic farming techniques

3. Place of eco-tourism

Pralahd's Project Presentation


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